Personal Diffusers

Portable diffusers for your car that can plug in with a USB, or clipped on an air vent, or even hand-held to gently mist your favorite oils are fantastic. Yet they aren't always discreet. When you're on the go and you find your mind wandering, or find the stress of the day is causing tension depending on where you are you may not be able to grab your favorite diffuser and enjoy your custom oil blends. This is where personal diffusers come to the rescue. A personal diffuser doesn't need to be plugged in, doesn't need batteries, and is often small enough to fit into a pocket comfortably.

Our person diffusers have all been rigorously tested by our team for ease of use, quality, durability, and discretion. Of all the personal diffusers tested we fell in love with these which is why we've gathered them together in this exciting collection for you.

Several of our personal diffusers and inhalers make carrying your much-needed essential oils with you incredibly easy. Some of our favorites include an inhaler that allows you to use not one, but 5 different essential oils in a compact, convenient case.

Nasal inhalers that come with a base, wick, inhaler, and cover can be customized with any essential oils. It's as easy as adding a few drops of your favorite oil, cap, and inhale on the go as needed. Or perhaps you need a more constant presence of your choice oils? A silicone nose diffuser that blends easily with skin tone and is saturated with scent can give you that much-needed boost without having to take anything out of pocket. Fight off unwanted aromas with your essential oils placed in a moveable pod that can go in your gym bag, inside a garbage bin, above kitty's litter, or feel the magic with an oil pipe inhaler.

These unobtrusive personal diffusers make always having the oil you need a truly uncomplicated, undemanding experience for smoother, happier use. Purify the air naturally, toss the toxic air fresheners aside. Leave the whole bottle at home and take your very own spa with you every day!

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