Hormonal Mess - Oil My Goodness

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If you're having a difficult time coping with the stresses of menopause, you NEED this rollers kit. 

This Hormonal Mess Kit provides you with more than 10 essential oil blend recipes for coping with menopause, as well as 10 variety stickers for labeling your roller bottles. 

Included in the sheet are 10 recipe cards and 10 variety sticker sheets. For each recipe, there's a list of all the ingredients needed to make that particular essential oil blend. 

Recipes Included:

  • If I Could Just Remember What I'm Looking For . . .
  • Awesome Ends in Me
  • Wrinkles and Acne? This is Ridiculous.
  • Pause the Meano
  • Get Your Groove Back
  • Still Hot . . . If Flashes Count
  • I Just Wanna Do Bad Things with Carbs
  • If You Don't Like This Mood, Wait 5 Minutes 
  • Dear 3am, We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This
  • Don't Make me Thy-Roid Rage on You 
Hormonal Mess - Oil My Goodness
Hormonal Mess - Oil My Goodness
Hormonal Mess - Oil My Goodness