A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide (10 pk) - 10th Edition - 2022

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Discover the power of essential oils with the updated 2022 A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide, your essential companion for holistic wellness!

This handy guide, now enriched with dōTERRA’s 2022 Essential Oil Releases, is your quick reference for over 200 common ailments. Designed for easy usage and understanding, it serves as an excellent tool for leaders looking to educate new enrollees on the benefits and applications of essential oils.

Key features of the A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide:

  • Up-to-Date: Incorporates dōTERRA’s 2022 Essential Oil Releases for current, comprehensive information.
  • Broad Ailment Coverage: Addresses over 200 common ailments for versatile use.
  • User-Friendly: Lists several potential remedies for each ailment, giving users flexibility and choice.
  • Educational Tool: Ideal for leaders to introduce and educate new enrollees about the world of essential oils.
  • Economical: Sold in a pack of 10 booklets, it's a cost-effective way to share essential oil knowledge within your community.

Empower your essential oil journey and that of your new enrollees with this invaluable guide, and explore the transformative potential of essential oils together!

Customer Reviews

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SHEREEN Mohammed

Liked the color coding showing Internally Topically or Aromatically but green background is not a wise choice its hard to see, as well as the font used it too small. Liked the font size on the last A-Z guide better. See 2010 guide