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Essential Oil CD Case
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Want to travel with samples of your best essential oils anywhere you go? Keep your sample vials safe and secure with Oil Life’s new and improved Essential Oils CD Case! We have created three, brand new and custom-patterned CD cases that we know you will adore. These Oil Life exclusive CD cases are essential to carry all your go-to essential oils around, to bring sample vials to an essential oil class, or to carry and give out to those you know need some essential oils in their life.


Our Essential Oil CD Case comes with a sturdy foam insert that hold up to 49 sample vials. The foam inserts can hold ¼ sample vials and sample vials. Get your hands on one of our customer favorites essential oil sticker book to help organize your CD case and identify what oil is in each sample vial quickly and efficiently.


These cute and trendy CD cases are perfect for traveling with your oils. Its compact size and book-like binding makes it easy to put it in a purse, backpack, suitcase or any other travel case. Leave your essential oils bottle at home and just take sample vials with you in your new, stylish Oil Life CD case!

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