Vial Keychains

Have you ever been out and about wishing you had a few of your favorite oils on hand? This problem is a thing of the past with our selection of oil pouch keychains. Take your favorite vials with you so you can have oils on hand for your own use or to introduce friends and family to new oils.

With these keychains, you will find specially designed interiors for carrying up to 10 sample oil vials so you can take a range of oils and blends on the go. With secure vial holders and a zippered closure, rest assured your favorite oils are secure no matter where the day takes you. The material is a high-quality choice available in a range of fun colors and patterns. Whether you prefer a light pink or a bold floral pattern for an eye-catching accessory, this collection of pouch keychains has you covered. Made to offer ease of travel and style all in one, these stylish keychains are sure to meet your needs with ease. These are great for introducing potential clients to oils everywhere you go as well so make sure to take a few favorites with you throughout the day. They are also ideal for gift giving! If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for someone in your life, a pouch keychain filled with their own starter oils is a gift anyone will appreciate receiving. Whether as a gift for someone special or just for your own use while on the go, these pouch keychains are sure to make the day easier and more organized. Why carry a big bag for your oils or keep them in your purse where they could spill? With these keychain pouches, that is a problem of the past!

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