Essential Oil Items for the Home

Home is so much more than just a building with a roof and walls. It's a place where we feel most comfortable, where we can be ourselves. It's where so many memories happen from dancing around the kitchen when your song comes on to getting your fitness on to relaxing after a long day of work with a soak in the tub. One thing that makes all of this possible are healthy home essentials, those little items that help to bring some peace to your life or help you knock out those goals. With our essential oil items for the home, you're sure to find everything you need to make your house the perfect getaway.

Finding all the essential oil products for the home is simple when you shop with us. Whether you are searching for items for your own home or you are stocking up on items to show your potential customers, we have you covered. Bring some relaxation to your life with one of our salt lamps. Did you know they help with stress, anxiety, and even clean the air? They also look great. Stay hydrated with our stainless steel bottles that allow you to rep doTERRA wherever you go. For those bath and body moments you need to relax, try our vanilla facial scrub, it'll help clean your pores, and smells amazing. We even have shampoo bars to help you eliminate some of the products that you use on a daily basis. Some of these essential oil items for the home also work great for little giveaways during your parties. If you've been searching for a nice reward for the winner or even a host/hostess gift if you're at someone's house, a doTERRA Trimr bottle may be a great idea.

At OIL LIFE, we are dedicated to providing you high-quality essential oil items for the home, and everywhere, at great prices. Shop our selection to find options for the home, bath and body, and most importantly, your business.

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