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A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide (10pk): the best oils & blends for 200 ailments

A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide (10pk): the best oils & blends for 200 ailments
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The A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide

Use the A to Z Essential Oil Usage Guide to quickly identify which essential oil or oil blend is typically used for over 200 common ailments. Whether you need a doTERRA essential oil usage guide, a Young Living Oils guide or you simply enjoy the benefits of essential oils, this is the guide for you.

Which Essential Oils Should I Use, How Much and How Often?

This compact oil guide shows a list for each of the ailments along with several possible oils you could use. The first oil listed is often the most popular remedy. Feel free to use one of the oils listed or, combine them and make an oil blend.

How To Use the A-Z Oil Guide

First, quickly look up any ailment, whether you've a minor issue such as a headache or, looking for a holistic approach to Autism.
Next, the guide lists the suggested essential oils and blends, a brief description of how to use them accompanied with whether you should use the oils topically, internally or aromatically to receive the maximum benefit.

Remember, essential oils are concentrated; therefore, to gain the most benefit, use small amounts more frequently.

Why You Need the A-Z Guide

The A-Z Guide is a perfect resource to throw into your purse to have on hand for either your own personal, daily oil use or, as a simple and effective way to introduce others to benefits of essential oils.

Ready to find the best solutions for you?

Get 10 booklets in a pack for $10, or get them for as low as $8.50 a pack when you order 10 or more packs to share with others!

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