The Essential Life - Gift Bundle

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Now together in one delightful gift bundle, find your beloved oil bible along with its new companions. The Essential Life now available with The Essential Basics, The Essential Quick Reference, The Essential Bookmark and the Oil Life Sticker Book. All materials are new and updated versions, including the new oils and blends from 2018 Convention.

Perfect as a starter kit for yourself or a new team member! This package includes the ultimate essential oil lifestyle book, the traveling companion, and sharing pamphlet as well as a couple accessories to connect it all; a bookmark to remember generic and proprietary blend names and cap stickers to identify your oil bottles.

The best part about The Essential Life Gift Bundle is the 20% savings when buying these products all at once instead of one at a time. You’re welcome.

The Essential Life - Gift Bundle Includes Everything You’ll Need

The Essential Life is the perfect lifestyle book for any essential oil user; beginner or advanced. It contains education on safety, storage, body systems, and all of the oils. As well, this essential oil bible, includes everyday living recipes, from cooking to personal care.

The Essential Basics is the fundamental information you’ll need while traveling or at a workshop. It includes that same great education as its sister book, without the lifestyle recipes. Spiral bound and compact with room for notes, it’s the perfect companion.

The Essential Quick Reference is just that, the entire quick reference section from The Essential Life book! Easily carry it in your purse to look up ailments on the go or have impromptu one-on-ones with anyone you meet. Also, includes safety & storage information.

The Essential Bookmark helps to connect the generic names found in The Essential Life books with the proprietary blend and supplements.

The Oil Life Sticker Book was created to help quickly identify essential oil bottles from the top, as well as support the connection between the generic names in your favorite reference guide with the proprietary blend and supplements names you know and love.

Learn more about how to use the Sticker Book & The Essential Bookmark in our blog post Using The Sticker Book with The Essential Life

The Essential Life Gift Bundle is the perfect solution for the essential oil user, not interested in purchasing more than one of each book.

The Essential Life - Gift Bundle
The Essential Life - Gift Bundle