Mindset Reset Workshop - Recording

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Do you need a Mindset Reset in your dōTERRA business?

BIG goals take massive action, that’s true, but what if DOING isn't the whole answer? What if it's more about who you’re BEING while taking action?

Meredith & Bryna will present for about 30 minutes, then offer a 30-minute Q&A so you can get some "hot seat" time and get all your burning questions answered.

Meredith's authentic approach to attraction marketing and background as a healer and energy worker have helped her build a thriving Blue Diamond organization of THOUSANDS of people in under five years. She is highly skilled at teaching others how to create an intentional business that suits their beautiful, authentic, heartfelt vision for a better lifestyle.

Bryna is the creator of Choose Your Evolution. She helps conscious entrepreneurs, change-makers, leaders, and influencers navigate growth and change so they can step into their biggest vision in the most intentional way possible.

Together we’re visionaries with a BIG mission to help people live into their most powerful dreams by creating heart-centered, intentional, wildly successful & uber-profitable dōTERRA lifestyle businesses!
Learn more: www.cultivate-evolution.com


Recorded October 16th, 2019