Emotional Centering Workshop - 4 Part Series

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Intro to The Healers Touch: April 18th, 2019

Divine Essence: May 23rd, 2019

Lullaby Connection: June 27th, 2019

Ancient Legacy: August 1st, 2019

Karyn Lynn Grant-Turley, LMT, Vibrational Attunement Therapist specializes in Emotional Clearing, Balancing and Centering. Karyn has been in business as an LMT since 2001. She is the President of Joy Coaching America which teaches courses in becoming Certified Relaxation Therapists. Now, Karyn is teaching doTERRA Wellness Advocates to become “Nurturing Moms” in a four part curriculum for those who are interested in learning to become Emotional Facilitators in their own homes, for their own families. Karyn has over 20,000 hours of experience in teaching and offering sessions since 2001.

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"To those of us who need Karyn’s gifts most, the choice to seek her help may seem too mystical or unrealistic; at first. I believe I can refer to this side effect as the result of hopelessness. When your heart has been broken to the point of disbelief Life, God, The Universe ( who or whatever you choose to answer to ) will push its way past your blockades to show you the incredible purpose that exists within each day. The question is, will you be too stubborn to discover it? Or will you allow for a little slice of brilliance to inspire your spirit?" Courtney Graf - Oil Life Marketing Team Member

Testimonial: ”I have always enjoyed music but I always maintained an emotional barrier against it.  I wasn’t sure why, but unconsciously I knew the tones of music have energy and there was a fear of actually letting music in.  After watching Karyn work with someone, I decided to listen to some of her music.  She seemed to be a kind and safe person, so I was curious what her music felt like.  For the first time in my life, I really let down my guard and let the music into the depths of my being.  It was during the first song that I realized that I had never truly listened to music on that level.  I had so many fears that until this point I thought I had kept at bay with that protective wall.  The thoughts came fast and strong as the songs seemed to vibrate every cell in my body.  I felt joy and peace and safety and love… I also felt familiar fears whell up into a knot in my throat.  As I focused on those negative feelings, the music seemed to wash them away.  As I finished listening and turned to leave, Karyn was standing behind me.  With the surprise of her asking of how I was doing, my body began to cry.  She laid me down and spoke to me as I’d seen her do with the other woman.  She played another song and sang along.  She looked straight into my eyes (which is normally a terribly uncomfortable feeling).  She held me till I was finished crying.  I felt so relieved and such peace, but also some embarrassment at the sudden opening of the floodworks.  I dried my face in my sweatshirt and escaped the room.  I joined the group in the other room and a few hours later, left the event.  The next day while driving, my husband turned on some music for the kids and I found myself singing along.  Now, I’m not a singer and my voice usually hurts after singing.  But I sang the entire 30 minute car ride!  I sang hard and strong, yet I couldn’t hear myself over the volume of the music.  I could feel the vibrations in my body from my voice and the feeling was exhilarating!  I know that healing one thing often affects another seemingly unrelated issue, and this was a beautiful example of that.  I’m still no singer, but I will never forget the first time I got to actually hear music and make a song with my own voice!”  (Anonymous)