Luck of the Irish Download

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Luck of the Irish Download - Oil Life
Luck of the Irish Download - Oil Life

Six fun rainbow rollers with a bonus #pot o'gold label at the end perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

You'll get labels for focus, stress, sleep, discomfort, immune & digestive support along with a label for an uplifting blend (Add gold mica to make it extra special!)

These rollers are perfect for a St. Patrick's Day Make&Take, incentive gifts for new accomplishments or brand new oilers. Our recipe sheet download comes with 2 recipes - one with our oil preferences but the other is an effective combo that uses just the top ten oils, making it perfect for a brand new oiler to be able to make and refill.

You get 7 labels on a full printable sheet as well as individual labels so you can print the quantities you need (or even adjust the size of the labels) along with a printable recipe sheet.