Plastic Containers

Whether you're just starting your essential oil journey or you've been creating your own blends and products for ages now, you know how wonderful it is to know exactly what is in your products and having the ability to eliminate those harmful chemicals is priceless. You probably also know how important it is to have the proper plastic containers for those different items and blends that you create because without them, you won't have a place to store them. Check out our selection to stock up today!

Our selection of plastic containers is made for a variety of uses from creating your own deodorant and lip balm to having spray bottles for continuously misting a lovely oil into the air. We also feature pipettes and nasal inhalers, not to mention small spray bottles to help you mix and match to create the perfect blend or help give your sinuses a break from the various spring fever allergies that are getting to you. We also have aluminum bottles and even foaming hand soap bottles for your own soap blends. These are great to have a variety of on-hand, especially if you are planning a party or hosting an event with everyone learning how to make their own soap or deodorant. This is a great way for your clients to learn more about essential oils, get a healthy product for themselves, and not have to stumble through it on their own. We even have small heavy wall jars to hold different sample products for your customers to take home with them. You can stock up and purchase different pack sizes for different products or you can buy as you need, though you will need to account for shipping time if you are purchasing as you need them.

Here at OIL LIFE, we are pleased to be your one-stop oil source. When you've finished browsing our selection of plastic containers, check out our essential oil books as well as essential oil storage and travel cases to keep everything organized as you go from party to party. If you have any questions about our selection, please feel free to reach out to one of our associates. They are standing by ready to assist.

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