Healthy Teeth and Gums Tear Pad (25pk)

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Our Oil Life Healthy Teeth and Gums tear pad can help educate you on how to keep your teeth clean and naturally healthy.

Our tear pad includes information on the popular act of oil pulling and remedies for specific conditions such as gum health, plaque buildup, teething relief and more! This tear pad comes in a pack of 25 sheets to easily share in a class or with your friends and family. Help spread the wonderful information and benefits of using essential oils to help your teeth and oral health in a natural way without harsh, harmful chemicals.

Oral health is incredibly important, yet we don’t always put it as a priority. Proper cleaning and hygiene will help your teeth and gums stay healthy. Just like we are taught as kids by our parents and dentists, avoid lots of sugars, brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash to in order to keep those whites pearly and cavities away. But, as the world of essential oils begins to grow larger and larger, oral health has seen increasing benefits from oil pulling with raw and natural ingredients such as coconut oil