Essential Oil Usage Guides [Top 3 Guides]

Do you want to learn more about essential oils and how you can get the most out of them? We have several essential oil usage guides that will help you discover the benefits of single and blend essential oils, as well as how to use them properly.

Following is the list of Essential Oil Usage Guides. 

Essential Oils Made Simple

Essential Oils Made Simple - Includes 400 essential oil protocols!

With nothing but five star reviews, this new member of the Essential Life family is quickly becoming a must-have for essential oil users. What makes this oil guide unique? It provides you with protocols and step-by-step instructions for over 400 of the most common ailments!

In addition to hundreds of essential oil protocols, this oil guide also provides in-depth information on single and blend essential oils, as well as a wellness pyramid for teaching you how to pair your oil knowledge with lifestyle adjustments to achieve the healthiest version of yourself.

The Essential Life Book 6th Edition

The Essential Life - The Best Essential Oil Guide

The Essential Life is the most comprehensive essential oil guide with in-depth information on all of doTERRA’s single and blend essential oils up to 2019.

Discover the most common uses for each of these oils, or use the A-Z index in the front of the book to look up over 600 of the most common ailments and their top five essential oil solutions.

A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide 10-pack

A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide

This oil usage guide is perfect for gifting to new enrollees or for handing out with essential oil samples! With essential oil recommendations for just 200 of the most common ailments, this oil guide won’t overwhelm anyone new to oils and has an easy-to-follow A-Z index format. You can get this guide in English or Spanish.

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Essential Oil Usage Guides [Top 3 Guides]