Using the Sticker Book in Conjunction with The Essential Life Book (3rd Edition)

Our Essential Oil Stickers are designed to help dōTERRA oil users match “The Essential Life” blend names to specific dōTERRA blend names, making the book easier to use than ever.

How does this work? Let’s explore the basics:

What is the Oil Life Sticker Book?

The Essential Oil sticker book contains dōTERRA brand blend names. Each name comes as dime-sized peel-off stickers, to be used in The Essential Life book, and with your bottles. The book includes 448 stickers in total, including some blank stickers for your own blends!

How to use within “The Essential Life” book:

We’ll break it down to 5 easy steps

Each page of the “Oil Blends” section (beginning on pg. 141) shows a large colored circle labeled with the generic name of the blend.

Step 1:

Find the corresponding dōTERRA blend name.

For example, if the large label in the circle says “Cleansing”, the corresponding dōTERRA name would be “Purify”, because that is dōTERRA’s cleansing blend. *

Step 2:

Find the dōTERRA-name sticker in your sticker book (there will be 2 stickers for each blend)

Step 3:

Place one sticker in the small circle above the generic label.

Step 4:

Take the second sticker and place it on the lid of the bottle.

Step 5:

Relate The Essential Life book to your oil collection with ease!

*(Note: Look out for our easy-translation, “The Essential bookmark”—coming soon!

In the meantime, this information can be found by searching “dōTERRA’s cleansing blend” on the web. Other blend names can be searched the same way. Ex: “dōTERRA’s digestion blend” or “dōTERRA’s invigorating blend”)