Top Way to Increase your Biz Flow in 2019!

New year, New you, New friends & customers! How are you jump starting your career this month!? Here are some friendly tips we recommend to encourage your community to collect!

Top Ways to Increase your Biz Flow!

  1. Host regular classes and one on ones!

2. Share more samples!

3. Incentivize rank advancement or set up a give away! Everyone loves free things! How are you incentivizing your clientele for continued concern for your brand? You’ve most likely created a bond with those you supply to, why not opt them all in for a 2019 freebie surprise give away!? (It’s also a great way to collect emails, inspire hashtags, share your IG / FB / website .)

4. Track your progress ( volume/ rank / vision )

5. Keep taking effective actions & have fun!! Stay focused on the areas you’re most passionate about. You’ll build your brand, image and what people turn to you for that way!

6. Keep the social media posts coming! How often are you posting, hash tagging, tagging and sharing? People want to feel you’re a part of their community with concern for their well being rather than a salesperson. Your social media outlets are a great way to pop into their day with virtual shoulder to lean on! No need to continually push a product if it’s linked or featured in the picture. Ask them how they’re doing and what they’re feeling! Regardless of the responses you receive, they’ll feel cared for and you’ll feel better for it! In creating a family of customers you’ll find your product sales become a second thought as they’ll naturally occur!

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