Top Tips for Creating Momentum

Sometimes we get stuck and it’s difficult to gain momentum again. That’s why we outlined some top tips to help you get your groove back and advance your rank this year! Check them out!

Sample Sharing Challenge

Start by hosting a sample sharing challenge! Inspire your team members to hand out 30 samples in 30 days! Challenge as many people as you can and remember to tell your team to prepare 30 samples prior to the challenge start date.

We also recommend handing out the Essential Quick Reference or A-Z Guide with each sample. This will give people something to refer back to if they have questions and it helps make the oils more credible.

Don’t forget to remind your team members to follow up with anyone they share samples with! Samples get people excited about oils and gets them interested in learning more about them, so make sure your team does follow ups to help answer any questions people may have!

Class Booking Blitz

Another great tip for rank advancement is to hold a class booking blitz! Host a text blitz challenge to see who can book the most classes! We recommend that the challenge lasts 1-2 hours, but you can choose any period of time you’d like.

Remember, keep text scripts short and sweet! You should also create a few different scripts tailored toward the people you’re sending texts to; this makes it easy for people to copy and paste scripts quickly. For example, create scripts tailored toward friends, family, coworkers and so on.

Offer Incentives

Offer enrollment and rank incentives! Some great options for incentives include diffusers, bags and even sample sharing tools! Consider stocking up on some Oil Sharing Cards. Not only are they affordable, but they get your team members excited about sharing samples and advancing their own rank!

A few of our favorite incentives include:

Keep Your Goals in Sight

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