Throw a DIY Cleaning Party!

Spring cleaning is upon us and it’s time to throw a party . . . a CLEANING party! Help your friends and family get excited about spring cleaning by showing them the wonderful benefits of green cleaning products with essential oils! Host a cleaning class or DIY workshop!

Best Cleaning Tear Pads for Classes

Our cleaning tear pads are AWESOME because they provide you with TONS of recipes for DIY cleaning solutions, like wood cleaner and glass cleaner. The Green and Clean Tear Pad (25pk) teaches you how to make over 23 different essential oil infused cleaning solutions! Learn how to make stain remover, fabric softener, laundry detergent and more!

Another great option is our Essential Oils for Cleaning Tear Pad (25pk) which lists the best essential oils for cleaning and provides you with several DIY cleaning recipes. This tear pad is great for beginners because it explains why the quality of essential oils matters and the 3 different ways to utilize oils (aromatic, topical or internal). Learn how to make carpet stain remover, toilet bowl cleaner and more! Check it out here!

Our Favorite Cleaning DIY Workshops

We have several DIY workshop kits that are not only fun, but easy! Learn how to make all natural hand soap with our Sage Naturals Hand Soap Kit OR try our Sage Naturals Fresh Deodorant Kit — for personal care and cleaning! Make up to 10 soap bars with our Hand Soap Kit or make 5 all natural deodorant sticks with our Fresh Deodorant Kit!

Cleaning Collection

Our cleaning collection is FULL of items to help you makeover your cleaning closet this spring and turn it GREEN. We’ve got towels for wiping down dirty surfaces, spray bottles for your DIY cleaning sprays and more! Check out our cleaning collection here!



Have you seen our spinning, stacking Oil Tower?!

Check it out here!