The Best Tool for Essential Oil Sample Sharing

In getting or keeping an oil business up and running, sometimes the hardest thing can be figuring out essential oil sharing.You want it to be natural, simple, quick, easy, and genuine.

This tool has quickly become a favorite of ours because it simplifies all of those things.

EO Sampling System

Sample Vials

This sampling system includes 50 or 100 (you choose) sample vials–perfectly sized for sharing without giving up too much of your favorites. In addition, the kit includes oil top tools that make it easy to transfer the oil from full-sized bottles to the sample vials without spill or waste.

Sharing Oil Information

Not only does this kit simplify the actual distribution of oil sharing, but it also helps with the “what do I say?” question. Over here, our problem is not shoving the whole Essential Life Book on everyone because we just want them to know every great use and property of our favorite oils. The EO Sampling simple condenses the most important facts about 5 popular oils and puts them onto a cute, small, and shareable card to go with your oil. Better yet, it includes a little slot to hold your oil so you can give them away together.

Essential Oil Sharing Tips

We invited experienced oil sharer and business builder Theresa Escalante to give us some of her best tips for sharing, and teach us why the EO Sampling system is such an important and helpful tool.*

Top two tips:

  1. Personalize – find out what areas potentials need help with, what essential oils will benefit them the most.
  2. Follow-up – always find to way to check-in to see if the potential has used the oil, and if they are interested in learning more about the products.

As for the Sampling System, Theresa tells us it’s the best tool for simplifying sharing; easy enough for newbies and streamlined for the seasoned advocate looking for efficiency. Gone are the days when you have to scramble for an empty, safe container to facilitate a spontaneous sharing opportunity, or special order sample sizes.

Theresa’s final words… have fun and just add oils!

Have you used this system? Share your experiences in the comments–we love to hear from you!

*Note: Theresa is not affiliated with the EO Sampling System in any way. All opinions are hers.