Staying Hydrated With Oil Life

Summer priorities range from concerts, to vacations, to BBQ lounges by the pool. However, one of the most important things you should do this summer is remain adequately hydrated!  To aid you in this healthy endeavor, Oil Life has a variety of water bottles to keep you refreshed while you are out and about in the heat!


First up, we have our doTerra Trimr 24 oz. Water Bottle, which is versatile as a reusable water bottle and a shaker bottle.  For only $24.95, and with four colors to match your preference, you can have a cool drink or a healthy protein shake; whether you are on a summer hike or on a picnic!


Next, we have our Stainless Steel doTerra 18 oz. Water Bottle, which is sold for $24.99.  These bottles are not only stylish, but they are safe for your essential oils as well!  Currently, we have the navy and olive in stock–perfect colors to match any pool you may frequent this summer!


Last, but not least, we have our Via Gemstone Water Bottle, which retails from $78.00-$120.00 (depending on the gemstones included).  We have seven options for you to choose from; each one containing their own unique healing properties! Our most popular gemstone bottle is the Via Wellness, which includes an amethyst and rose quartz gemstone.  The amethyst and rose quartz combined together both soothe the mind and foster tranquility.  Another excellent option would be our Via Fitness, which has the red jasper, magnesite and clear quartz; thought to speed up your metabolism and provide strength during a workout.  Any of the seven gemstone bottles available would serve you best for your wellness and summer activities!


This summer, be sure to enjoy a wide range of exciting events, select one of our water bottles for your beverage health needs, and make staying hydrated a priority with Oil Life!