Spring Cleaning: Organization + Storage

Spring cleaning isn’t just about your home, it’s about your oils too! Many of us have way too many oils and not enough space to store them. But don’t worry, we’ve got tons of storage options to help you save space! Here are just a few of our favorite storage solutions.

Favorite Storage Solutions




The Oil Tower makes organizing your essential oils easy! Store all of your oils in one spot with this spinning, stacking oil tower. Each tower stores over 40 15ml bottles and 18 10ml roller bottles!







Need to store even MORE essential oils? The Spice Rack holds up to 104 of your favorites oils! Store 32 5ml bottles and over 72 15ml bottles in one place. It even has space for your Essential Life book!







Another great space-saving option is our Acrylic Stackable Essential Oil Tray (2pk)! This stackable tray holds more than 78 essential oil bottles (39 per tray). Store them in your cabinets, pantry or even drawers!





Prefer storage boxes? We’ve got you covered! Choose from several options including Bamboo, Pine and Engraved boxes. Find boxes for storing between 20 and 80 essential oils.





Don’t forget to label your oils! Get the Oil Life Sticker Book 3rd Edition for labeling ALL essential oils (singles, blends and supplements) OR get the Favorites Sticker Book for labeling favorites only.





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