New year, New you! It’s time to release the past and set in motion a new set of fundamentals to push yourself through the new year! Has your mind played tricks on you in causing you to forget your own inner strength?! It’s necessary that you pull that weed out by the root and find a new normal! You can do everything you set your mind to! Are you willing to put in the work to achieve your goals?!

Let’s define those goals more closely… weight loss is a huge priority this time of year. However, everyone seems to be more focused on the fat and less focused on the stored negative energy. Do you consider your emotional health before or after stepping on the scale? Perhaps you’re not recognizing the root of your weight gain. Is there an emotional road block you need to consider while planning out your weekly workout routine?

Consistent exertion of at least 20 minutes a day will keep your fluids moving, mind sharp, stress levels low and mindset fresh. Which may seem obvious, yet so many of us fail to stick to the program. What happens? Procrastination, doubt, self sabotage, fear. The 4 bullies of fitness can only be tackled metaphorically: within. Carving out the time to clear your mind as well as the energy to sweat out the toxins of the past will allow you to create the energy and physique you desire!  Adding essential oils to your daily routine can maximize your success not only with shedding the physical pounds, but also releasing the emotional root causes behind the weight.

As you shed your defeating self sabotage talk with the simple words “ I believe in you,” “ you can do this,” “ don’t give up!” you’ll more easily find your wings and the pounds will fall away through your consistent efforts!

We’re here to help! Essential oils are truly a secret weapon for weight loss.

Good news for you is the TERRAfit challenge is back and it starts Jan 9th! Sign up today to get an easy-to-follow plan, the support of an enthusiastic community, and the clarity to know exactly how to use your essential oils to maximize your success in reaching your health goals in 2019 and beyond. Combine all that with your new-found positive mentality and you’re sure to succeed!

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BUT… if making tons of capsules every day feels overwhelming in your busy everyday life… NEVER FEAR!

Use our handy Capsule Holders to make 6 capsules at a time, making enough to last you for 2 days.

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