Share the Love of Oils

This month is all about sharing the love . . . of oils! Share your love of oils this month by hosting a DIY class and a “30 Samples in 30 Days” sample sharing challenge! To start, here are our top 3 DIY kits for classes this February:

Top 3 DIY Kits for February

Intimacy DIY Kit – The main topic of February is love which means people are also talking about intimacy! Intimacy is a great, relevant topic for many people in February, so why not cover it in your DIY class this month? The Intimacy DIY Kit will teach you how to steamy after-bath rub, whipped body butter and other fun products!

Rollerball Mentality Kit – Another great topic for February is emotional health! This is a great topic for anyone whether they’re in a relationship or not. This Rollerball Mentality Kit is all about “mood management” and addresses several different moods. Learn how to make roller blends for anger management, anxiety, unbalanced hormones and more!

Gemstone Rollers Kit – Gemstones have been said to have various healing properties and thus are another great emotional health topic for February. Our Gemstone Rollers Kit has over 10 gemstone-inspired roller blend recipes for a fun and unique DIY class! For added benefits, combine with our Gemstone Rollers w/Chip Stone. You’ll find matching gemstone rollers for each recipe included in the Gemstone Rollers Kit.

Best Oils to Sample Out

Essential Oils for Romance – With romance being one of the main topics this month, consider handing out samples for oils related to romance. Here are some of the best oils for romance:

  • Aphrodisiac → Black Pepper
  • Energizing → Basil
  • Relaxing → Clary Sage
  • Stimulant → Birch
  • Warming → Ginger

Essential Oils for Emotional Health – February isn’t just about romance, it’s about your emotional health too! Here are some of the best oils that support your emotional health:

  • Alone → Cedarwood
  • Burdened → Ylang Ylang
  • Drained → Wild Orange
  • Inadequate → Bergamot
  • Overwhelmed → Blue Tansy

Share the Love of Oils

Challenge your team to share 30 samples in 30 days! Start by having your team prepare 30 samples prior to the challenge start date. The challenge will end sometime in March, but the sooner you start this challenge the better! Get your team excited about sharing oils this month!

We recommend handing out the Essential Quick Reference or A-Z Guide with each sample. This will give people something to refer back to if they have questions and it helps make the oils more credible.

Finally, remind your team to follow up with anyone they share samples with so they can answer any questions and keep people interested in oils! Find sample vials and sampling cards on our website.


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