Powerful Sharing Strategies

Sharing samples is the FIRST step to getting people interested in essential oils! How can you get people excited about oils if they’ve never seen, smelled or experienced them? You can’t! This step is so vital in growing your oil business which is why WE have put together a list of tips for sharing oils! Here are some of the most powerful sharing strategies!

Sample Sharing Challenge

We can’t stress enough the benefits of holding a sample sharing challenge, especially the “30 Samples in 30 Days” challenge. This particular sample sharing challenge is a GREAT way to get your team excited about sharing oils with others.

Motivate your team even more by offering incentives for whoever shares the most oils! Obviously, we want everyone to share at least 30, but the point of this challenge is to encourage your team to share as many samples as possible! Great incentives include our Whisper DiffuserVegan Leather Bags and The Essential Life Book.

Include Reference Guide

Handing out samples is the first step; sharing knowledgable material is the second. If you REALLY want to get people excited about oils you NEED to hand out a reference guide with each sample. This gives people something to refer to if they have questions or curiosities about essential oils. Our favorite go-to reference guides are the Essential Quick Reference and A-Z Guide books.

Add DIY Experiences

If you want to get people interested in essential oils, you NEED to give them an opportunity to work with them hands on! Adding DIY experiences to the beginning or end of each class helps you do just that! Need workshop ideas? Our Essential Living Kits are a wonderful option. Find kits for intimacypersonal carefitness and much more!

Another great option is our Oil My Goodness Kits! Learn how to make roller bottle blends for EVERY occasion! Each of these kits come with 10 recipe cards and 10 variety sticker sheets for labeling your bottles. Find Oil My Goodness Kits for Bridal SurvivalSuper TeacherMilitary Rollers and more!

Best Sample Sharing Tools

We have ALL the sampling tools YOU need to share oils effectively. Need vials? We’ve got 1/4 and 5/8 Dram Sample Vials! How about sharing cards? We’ve got Oil Sharing Cards (Every Oil or Favorites) that explain how to use the oil/blend, its common uses AND its main ingredients if it’s a blend. We also have sample sharing cards that come with an opening for holding your sample vials – find them here!


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