Power of Affirmations

Are you on the right path? Are you doing what makes you happy? What can you do to help others today? We often forget how important it is to continually ask ourselves questions like these — questions that promote personal growth. Our New Soul Truth Cards will help you do just that!

Soul Truth Affirmation Cards for Essential Oil Users.


Our New Soul Truth Cards were specifically created to help with personal growth and reflection — making them great for business builders. Each day, pick a card and read the question on it to yourself. Take that question into consideration by taking a few minutes to really think about what it’s asking and reflect on your answers.

Then, flip the card over and read what it says. You will see it gives you a “soul action” for that day — something you can do that day to put your personal goals into action. It might ask you, “Who can I serve today?” and give you a soul action of “Make one soulful connection today and give solely to spread more love.”


Affirmation Cards for Essential Oil Users.



Our Affirmation Cards will help inspire and motivate you to continue growing not only as a person, but as an essential oil business builder. Each card prompts you to do something for your essential oil business, like following up with others consistently. It also tells you which two essential oils will help you achieve the goal of that prompt. Select a card as needed and place it somewhere you will see it regularly.




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