Oils for Car Sickness: Road Trip Guide!

We love the prospect of taking summer trips to new places! But the idea of being in a car for endless hours? Not as appealing. Especially if you are someone who struggles with motion sickness.

So we’re pulling out all the stops today to “cure” motion sickness with oils.

Top 4 Oils for Carsickness 

  1. Digestive Blend
  2. Ginger
  3. Peppermint
  4. Lavender 

These main 4, you may want to bring full sizes of. You can put these in a clutch like that will keep the oils upright, protected, and easily accessible. 


Bring cotton balls, drop a bit if essential oil on the cotton ball and smell.

For kids, you can turn this into a game. Like “guess that smell.” Use fun and different smelling oils to keep them entertained, and benefitting from aromatherapy at the same time! (we love: cilantro, lime, black pepper, and grapefruit)


You can also combat motion sickness by diffusing oils in the car!

These two car diffusers are game changers. The Journey Water Diffuser or CarScent Waterless Diffuser are so easy to use, and designed especially to fit in your car without getting in the way. Say hello to all the benefits of diffusing energizing, soothing, or settling oils throughout your trip with no mess.

To maximize space or for quick use, prepare diffuser blends that include your less frequently used oils beforehand. 1 dram Sample vials are perfect storing these.

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