Living The Dream

lookbookGetting an adequate amount of sleep is so crucial for mental and emotional health. Insomnia and restless sleep are a significant problem for women who experience depression or anxiety. When I was in my early 20’s I was living with a lot of stress. I was a new mother, barely married, going to school, working full-time, and still had to keep up with family matters. It’s understandable that all of this stress caused me to sleep restlessly. Ultimately, this lead to intense anxiety that added to my insomnia at night and depressive episodes throughout the day. I visited many doctors who either gave me medication to help me sleep or diagnosed me with narcolepsy. Regardless, my sleeping habits never improved and my mental and emotional health kept deteriorating. As a mother and wife, this was so frustrating and debilitating.

Essential oils were my savior from insomnia! Women are especially responsive to aromatherapy and the emotions and relaxation it encourages. After my friends and colleagues begged me to try aromatherapy for months, I finally did, and it worked! To help me sleep I paired cedar wood with wild orange and used it aromatically. This super-simple blend really helped me feel relaxed, grounded, and it stabilized my anxiety at night. I’ve since tried a few other blends that pair a resin oil with a citrus oil (sometimes I add a flower oil as well).

It amazes me how well I’m able to sleep now! I don’t have to take some scary pill from a doctor TEa3Lq3U2uRG1HmiIXyzPBCSkKNUrCCqVqsYrPGQZkE,MSgw4CbYp0JEecXxuUocxkDn1aHbiNsRJ4yR3uolPjQ,Sxq8Hye_Oqe-0rboK1FQSMHYJ7eC9vpdvCZyMX_yF5oor undergo treatment sessions for narcolepsy, instead I just put some oils in my diffuser at night and rest easy. Something as simple as this has made me a better mother, wife, and overall a better day-to-day person. A healthy lifestyle is so important for me and my family and this was something that really helped me achieve that. Wellness—whether it’s gained through exercise, healthy eating, or essential oils—is a lifetime endeavor that helps me in all areas of my life. Because of it, I’m able to accomplish my goals with my family and really life the dream.

Please share in the comments how you’ve used Essential Oils for your health and wellness.