Learn More with Oil Games

Our “I’ve Got an Oil for That” card game makes learning about essential oils fun and exciting! The perfect excuse to throw a game night and invite friends, family or team members over!

Great for Playing . . .

  • Before or after DIY classes
  • With both novice & expert oil users
  • On a night in with friends & family
  • AND it makes classes more FUN & ENGAGING.

How to Play

  1. Every Player Gets 5 Essential Oil Cards
  2. 1st Player Draws an Ailment Card
  3. Each player chooses what oil from their hand would work best to solve that ailment

Player with the BEST oil solution wins!

How do you know if your card can treat an ailment? Each essential oil card lists the “Common Uses” for that essential oil and thus the ailments it can treat. The essential oil cards even have a little “Did you know” fact at the bottom!

Why You Need It

This game is great for both novice and expert essential oil users – there’s something new to learn for everyone! It’s especially perfect for playing before or after a DIY class; it helps make any class even more fun and engaging!

Check it out!


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