Lead Your Team to Greatness

Inspire your team to grow their business and reach their goals! Show your team what it takes to be a business builder by following these tips.

Tips for Leading Your Team


Lead by Example – Be an example for your team. Always teach, follow-up and enroll anytime you share oils with others. This will set an example for your team and show them how to share oils effectively. Stay inspired with our Diamond Wallpapers for your phone/computer.




Incentive Action – Rather than incentivizing your team for having a qualifying LRP order, incentivize them for taking action. Great things to incentivize include: hosting classes, doing one-on-ones and enrollments. We have several gifts if you’re in need of a little inspiration.



Never Stop Learning – Read books about business building and continue expanding your expertise and knowledge as a builder. Set a goal to read at least one book a month about business building or leadership. Check out some of our favorite books here.



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