Launch Your Oil Business

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We want our oilers to be as successful as possible in the business that they run. A lot of women get discouraged when starting up their business. To help, we’ve created so many business tools that can help you succeed and absolutely love what you’re doing! While these are great tools, some of the steps to launching a successful business will be talked about in this article. We will discuss the 4 basic steps to launching your business.

Step 1: Make “Stretch” Goals

Many oilers attempt to start their business by jumping in head-first and handing out samples wherever they go. While this is a great thing to do, we want you to be successful; and that requires creating a vision of what you want to accomplish!

First you need to know why you’re building a business and what you intend to create. Researchers have found that the most successful people make really good “stretch” goals. This is a goal that may be difficult, but is definitely do-able with a lot of hard work. Write your goals down, review them often, and create an accountability system.

Step 2: Start Planning

woman-planningThis is where you will schedule your  success! Writing out future plans is an opportunity to look into the future and really see where your business is going to be…and who doesn’t want that? Set a daily schedule of the steps you’re going to take to prepare, invite, present, enroll, and support people in you business. Ask yourself these questions every day:

  • What preparations can I make today?
  • Who can I invite today?
  • Who can I Share a presentation with today?
  • Who can I enroll today?
  • Who can I support today?

By asking these questions, you can set up your day, week, month, and year for total success.

Step 3: Present and Enroll

Step 3 is where you really start executing your “stretch” goals and creating that success you’ve really planned for. Start presenting! Some ideas are to hold a class, present one-on-one, make webinars or videos, present at a holiday gathering or even on a call. Presentations can be simple, but for them to be effective you’ll really need to prepare well in advance and invite good attendees. Once you do present, be sure to enroll and support the new oilers! They’ll need your support and guidance in order to be as successful as you have been.

Step 4: Success Check-in

You’ve done it all, now it’s time to focus on you and your needs. Step 4 is about evaluating what you’re doing and seeing if it works, whether you need to take a break, or if you maybe need to work a bit harder to build that dream business. Check your personal development and goals as well. Everyone needs a good work-life balance. Make sure that you’re successful professionally, personally, spiritually, and emotionally.

The last thing to build your business is to do 15 minutes of personal development every day. Some examples would be meditating, exercising, making a personal confidence statement, crafting, or whatever else you may enjoy that builds you up personally.

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Through following these four simple steps, you can be well on your way to making a new and successful business. No only does this benefit you, but it creates a lifestyle of health and wellness that influences everyone around you. Follow your passion and success will follow you.

More tips for building your business can be found in the many books that we sell in our store, pamphlets, or other resources found on our website.

Share in the comments below how successful you’ve been in your Oil Life business.