In control of your next experience: The Belief Blueprint

“Why does success seem to come easily to some, while eluding so many others? The truth is that all successful individuals are using the same process to create successful outcomes again and again.” – The Belief Blueprint by Spencer Pettit.

Spencer Pettit discovered The Belief Blueprint while building his oil business. New and hungry for faster progress, he found the correlation between belief and success. Knowledge of this pattern-and how to use it-as found in the book, enables readers to “take control of their next experience” and break down barriers to achieving their highest goals.

In this interview he teaches:

  1. What is the Belief Blueprint
  2. Why belief matters
  3. How you can take control of your success

The Belief Blueprint book includes education on:

  • Belief
  • Hope
  • Experience
  • Confidence
  • “Finding your why”
  • Application

The Belief Blueprint can be found here, or by searching “Belief Blueprint” on