How to have a Stress Free Summer

Ahhh, summer. Time for sunshine and pools, oceans and deep breaths, bike rides and getting lost in the woods all day… and that job you still have, and those bills that still need to be paid. Keep reading to learning all about our Summer DIY Kit Rest & Relaxation Calming Blend.

How do you have that stress free summer dreams are made of?

  1. Set the tone early
    • Schedule out your summer tasks beforehand. Know where your projects are, and get ahead if possible. Identify possible stressors and make a plan to handle them ahead of time.
  2. Slow down
    • Wherever you are, be there. Take time enjoying your food. Be on your vacation instead of dreading when it will end. Walk slower. Stop to notice the present moment. Taking in the collections of moments throughout your day connects you more to your present experience. It helps ward off the feeling that the day-and the summer-has slipped away.
  3. Simplify
    • Look out for unnecessary commitments, and remove them. Welcome unscheduled time and allow it to be part of your summer. When you do have commitments, focus on that task. Being focused, prepared, and on time helps to break things into manageable bites can be the difference between a rushed, stressful trip, and the smoothest airport experience you’ve ever had.
  4. Care for your body
    • Summer is not time to vacation from self-care. Make time to maintain the exercise and diet routines that your body has worked hard toward. Relieving your body from the stress of drastically changing diet and exercise every new trip will allow you to have the best experience away.
    • Take time to rest from the sun. Take a detox bath. Give your skin some extra TLC. And always make sure to drink enough water.

And of course, our number 5, Use your oils.

      We’ll be posting a travel guide soon, all about oils on the go! But for now, watch below for a recipe we’re using to start off our stress free summer.

“Rest & Relaxation Calming Blend” Summer 2017 DIY download

5 drops Lavender
3 drops Vetiver
4 drops Cedarwood
4 drops Marjoram
Fractionated coconut oil

Add drops of oil to roll on bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

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