Health and Fitness Tips!

Do you find its tough to stick to that work out routine you were so inspired to tackle at the beginning of the year? Us too! That’s when we roll on some encouraging blend, set our eyes on our goals and put the blinders on till we get there! Here are a few helpful tips we’ve found that help keep us going!

-Use essential oils before and after working out for a faster recovery time (Deep Blue, Peppermint, AromaTouch, etc.)

-Make your own rejuvenating blend to stick in one of our colorful and inspiring roller bottles!

– Use a body spray like the one from the Personal Care DIY Kit to boost your metabolism and help you slim down!

– Drink citrus oils in your water to support with cleansing and releasing excess weight and toxicity. Make sure you’re drinking from a bottle that won’t deteriorate from the oils! One that is essential oil safe like our Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bottle! 

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