Hair Nourishment: Almond Oil and Why You Need It

Now more than ever, ladies and gents are ditching the heavy chemical and fragrant based beauty remedies and turning to more of an organic way of getting their skin, nails, and hair healthily under control. Our latest obsession? Almond oil. Long before we ever got our hands on it, the beautiful ladies before us found its use for beauty remedies. So, take a note from your ancestors; almond oil is a must a have.

There are actually two different types of this oil. The extraction commonly used for “beautification” purposes is referred to as sweet almond oil. Originally found in southeast Asia and the Middle East, almond oil was commonly used for dietary, medical, or cosmetological reasons long before our time. Because it can be used topically and ingested without damage or harmful side effects, almond oil is quickly becoming a bathroom shelf staple for everyone.

So what may be the true benefits of using this treasured oil? Because there are too many to name, we are going to narrow the field and talk about something everyone loves; hair! Almond oil is your solution for a naturally holistic hair remedy. Here are a few reasons why you should jump on this hair-loving bandwagon.

Hair Benefits:

  1. Adds shine to your hair

  2. Reduces breakage on the ends of your hair

  3. Is an amazing split end saver

  4. With a natural SPF in it, this oil protects your hair from sun damage

  5. Serves as an amazing hair moisturizer during those dry and cold months

  6. Activates blood circulation in the roots which stimulates hair growth

Convinced yet? Almond oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium which, together, make the perfect natural recipe for healthy hair growth. Additionally, that vitamin E in the oil not only adds moisture to your hair but happens to be a carrier for essential oils. Our suggestion– add a little bit of almond oil and tea tree essential oil into your shampoo to increase the moisture in your roots and decrease itchiness or dandruff on the scalp.

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