Gemstones and Essential Oils: The Benefits of Gemstones

Trend Alert: Essential Oils and Gemstones

What’s the big deal with essential oils and gemstones? And how can gemstones help you get the most out of your essential oils?

Trend 1: Gem water

We recently got the most beautiful water bottles from VitaJuwel and its no exaggeration that just looking at them makes us want to drink more water. But what are the actual benefits of gemstones in your water? Is it safe? What kind is best to get?

The science behind gem water comes from the interaction between the vibrations emitted by a gemstone on water crystals. This subtle gem radiation imprints on the water. This has been said to make it “smoother”, “tastier”, and “easier” to drink. Read more at the Vita Juwel Site.

The cool thing about these water bottles is that they are designed with a removable bottom that holds the glass-encased gems. This lead-free gem housing allows the natural stone vibration to energize the water in the bottle without also polluting it with heavy metals or toxins. It also keeps the gems from wearing down.

When deciding which set of gems is best for you, take into account the different properties each gem carries. Some have even said that the taste of the water varies from gem to gem.

Trend 2: Gemstone Rollers

These are the kinds of “rolling stones” we’re talking about. Have you seen our new gemstone rollers? This trend has taken off-not only because of how beautiful these gems are-but because of the way gems and oils work together.

The energy that stones are charged with (discussed above) is not unique to the rocks; it exists in oils too. That means that when you get an oil and a stone with energy that works together, it can make the oil more effective.

You can learn more about each gemstone in a roller pack and its properties by watching our Gemstone Feature Friday video below. We went right to the experts, and learned everything there is to know about gems!

Let us know what questions you have about this new trend, and what you think, in the video comments!