From Your Pantry Bronzer with Essential Oils

Just a few tips for applying essential oils to silk or paper flower arrangements! This might be a great idea for sharing and giving samples to your downline or potential customers.

  1. Apply to a cotton ball and tuck inside the flower petals.
  2. Put a few drops in a spray pump, fill the rest with water. Spritz the bouquet.
  3. Apply one drop of your choice essential oil to the center of a few flowers.

Also, have you tried this amazing DIY bronzer?! All the ingredients can be found in your pantry! Essential oils are not required but do add a nice touch of calming or energizing.

You can find all the Oil Life products from this video here:

-Pump Spray Bottle –
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-Sample Cards –
-2oz Clear Jar with Black Cap –
-Arrowroot Powder –