Feature Friday: Teach a more personalized class using the Natural Solutions Booster Pages

The Booster Pages are a simple way to teach classes to target markets, while still staying completely duplicate-able for your team to follow.

There are 5 classes available:

  • Muscles & Joints – good for people looking to relieve & renew their muscles and joins (i.e. athletes, elderly, etc.)
  • Active & Energized – great for people trying to get fit, have more energy, achieve their ideal weight, and feel amazing in their bodies.
  • Focus & Concentrate – good for understanding how to nourish the brain for optimal focus
  • Tots & Rugrats – good for understanding how to use oils with kids & babies
  • Vibrant Emotions – great for people interested in elevating their emotional state (i.e. yoga enthusiasts, therapists, etc.)

These booster pages are a valuable resource, and are simple to incorporate into the Natural Solutions class handout.