Feature Friday: Oil Life Highlights + Favorites

Cool fact:  Did you know that most of the proceeds from Oil Life go to the Healing Hands Foundation?  It’s true!  When you order materials to build your business, you are making a difference in the world, too.  Win win!!!

Today’s video is highlighting some of Oil Life’s top products and giving you cool tips & tricks to use them.

  • The A-Z Guide has been updated with a NEW look, and is very affordable at only $10 for 10!  This is a terrific tool to pass out to people just learning about oils.  It gives lots of suggestions of how to use the oils for various ailments, and there’s also a quick reference guide in the back giving several suggestions for how to use each oil.
  • The Oil Life Sticker Book is a handy tool and has 448 really cute stickers that you can use to label your oil bottles.  There are 3 pages of single oils, 2 pages of blends, 2 pages of supplements, & 2 pages of favorite oils to make sampling easy.  Best part is that they’re only $4.99 each!
  • The Essential Life book is one of the best essential oil reference guides out there, and it’s a fabulous price at 26.99 each.  Order in bulk to get them for an even better price..  It is packed full of exciting info!
    • Quick reference guide for ailments
    • Entire pages devoted to individual oils with LOTS of juicy educational stuff on them, including sourcing, tips and top uses, safety info, and good oils to blend with.
    • Focus sections on each body system.
    • Lifestyle tips and recipes throughout the book
    • An entire recipes section, with recipes for foods, cleaning & personal care products, and more
    • An entire supplemental section with even more educational goodies!26.99 each, Order in bulk to get them for an even better price.