Feature Friday: Highlighting LeadTrain to build your business

Are you trying to build a business while still balancing a life outside of doTERRA? Would you like to be more organized in the way you grow your business?

LeadTrain is a powerful tool for helping you to nurture relationships and build your business effectively.  It’s not just contact management softward; it’s a way to create stronger relationships and improve your life in general.

Have you asked yourself these questions: What should I be doing?  What should my day look like for my business to grow?

Use LeadTrain to answer those questions powerfully so you can build your business while still living your life.

Oil Life has partnered with them, and they want to give you a $50 discount off a new subscription and a FREE consultation.  Go to LeadTrain.com/OilLife to schedule yours and see what they can do for you.