Feature Friday: Healthy Can Be Simple & Share Success

Share Success has awesome tools available to help you successfully build your essential oil business!

This is the set of tools that will lay out the path you can take your new people along to help them learn the essential oil lifestyle.

1 – Start with the Healthy Can Be Simple guide to give a great intro to the oils when you give someone a sample.  They are a terrific value, too, at 10 booklets for only $6!

2 – The Natural Solutions class handout is a simple way to educate people about the oils and help them enroll.  Everything you need (class handout, kits, price list, enrollment form) all in one pamphlet.

3 – The Live Guide is a terrific way to show your new people how to use their oils and incorporate their essential oil lifestyle throughout their day.

4 – The Share Guide is a simple tool to show someone the steps to hosting a successful class.

5 – The Build Guide is a powerful tool to show someone why they would want to build a doTERRA business.

6 – The Launch Guide is the step-by-step guide for how to get your business off the ground and running.  Everything you need in a single guide!  Use it yourself and use it to teach your people.