Feature Friday: Essential Yoga Practice

Finally!  A book that brings essential oils & yoga together in a beautiful & accessible way!

This book is geared toward three audiences:

  1. Experienced yogis looking to learn more about essential oils & how to bring them to their students
  2. Beginners to yoga who are familiar with essential oils
  3. People who are new to both yoga & essential oils, and are curious to learn more about both.

The book is divided into three sections:

  1. A yoga section that shows how to do the poses and talks about the science & benefits of yoga, as well as including info on chakras.
  2. An essential oil section that talks about the science & research discussed in a brand-neutral way that still points out the importance of picking a good brand.
  3. A sequences & essential oils section.  The sequences are paired with what oils to use topically & aromatically to create a powerful yoga session.  There are even suggestions for partner poses to connect with your loved ones emotionally & energetically.  It also brings in intentions that you can use with the sequences. There is a DVD that runs through of all the pose sequences.

There is also a collaborative program being put together for yoga instructors.  Got to essentialyogapractice.com & the Essential Yoga Practice FB page to be a part of that.