Essentially Well Reflexology roller bottle make & takes

The Essentially Well kit is a great roller bottle make & take for adults, and can be used with or without reflexology points.

This kit has blends targeted for:

  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Head
  • Muscles
  • Respiratory
  • Romance
  • Seasonal
  • Sleep
  • Stomach
  • And Throat

They are formulated at a 3% dilution ratio which translates to about 6 drops of oil per roller bottle.  The reason is that’s the recommended dilution ratio for adults for occasional or short term use.  It also makes doing DIY classes easier on your pocketbook because it uses less oil, but still gives awesome benefits.

The kit includes the usual things – invitations, labels, recipe cards, and flyer with tips and tricks – but it also comes with handy reflexology charts that show exactly where to put the oil blend on your feet for best results.  However, you don’t have to only put these oil blends on your feet.  They’re also great for on location.