Essential Oils Holiday DIY: Loobook & DIY kit

Are you looking for the perfect Essential Oils Holiday DIY ? When hosting DIY classes, the seasonal lookbook and matching DIY kit can be your best friend.

Each lookbook and matching DIY kit is seasonal. This means your class will be themed to the season with matching DIY essential oil projects and stickers.

How to use the Essential Oils Holiday DIY:

Download the DIY kit. Use the table tents to help students locate which table has the recipe they want to work on. We recommend having the recipe card and all the ingredients on the table, ready to use when your students arrive. If you plan on doing a giveaway at your class you can use the raffle tickets included in the kit. The kit also includes DIY gift boxes. Students can assemble gift boxes if they want to take their recipe home in style. Or if you, personally, can use the kit to gift pre-made recipes.

Purchase and give each student in your class a lookbook, this way they have a nice clean set of waterproof sticker labels. (There are also printable labels in the DIY kit, but the ones in the lookbook are professionally printed and waterproof.) The lookbooks are a great way to educate your new students on different ways to use essential oils. They are filled with our new and favorite products encouraging better and easier essential oil usage. The lookbook also has a few recipes tossed in here and there with a set of waterproof sticker labels.

The best part about the lookbooks is the discount code on the back. Encourage new oil users to purchase ingredients and containers from Oil Life. This way they can continue the fun of DIY essential oil projects at home. Often new essential oil users are also looking for where to purchase oil education and supplies.

Our Holiday DIY kit is especially fun because it’s full of amazing recipes that you can gift to your friends and family. And the Holiday lookbook gives great ideas on what you can give as a gift to any oil user, beginner or experienced, during the holiday season. Or even help you create your very own wishlist!

So make sure to pick up these great Essential Oils Holiday DIY  guides, links above!