Essential Oils Guide to Intimacy

Everyone wants to feel loved, right? With Valentine’s Day coming up in just a week, everyone is feeling extra lovey dovey this time of year. While cards, flowers, and cute little gifts seem to dominant the shelves of every drug store around during this lovely time of year, the expression of love is made up of a lot more than those material items.

Romance is the key part of any relationship. And, as oil lovers do, we want to share with you some of our recommendations of how to use oils to spice up your love life and improve the emotional intimacy between you and your partner. Alongside the actual purpose for using the oil, scent is an important component to consider. Scents are enticing and can invite the mood very naturally, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Here are some suggestions for oils to try out this Valentine’s Day to make it truly special and memorable.


  1. Neroli- Not only is this scent to die for, it works like a charm to enhance your mood, libido, and euphoric senses.
  2. Ylang Ylang- This is a fan favorite when it comes to aphrodisiac. Commonly used to balance hormones, this oil is aromatically enticing and incredibly beneficial to activate intimacy and romance.
  3. Jasmine- This sultry oil is most importantly used for any troubles you may run into. Whether it be nerves or anxiety, Jasmine is perfect for bringing ease to the mood.
  4. Rose- We couldn’t not include this one! What scent brings more romance in than Rose? Not only is Rose perfect to stir up desire, it is the perfect ingredient to bring self-worthiness and confidence into any situation.
  5. Clary Sage– Clary Sage has wonderful benefits including promoting relaxation, introducing euphoria, and decreasing anxious feelings. It has been found that this oil is a great aphrodisiac.


  1. Women’s Blend: This blend is perfect for bringing balance and stability to your emotions and hormones.
  2. Inspiring Blend: For those spontaneous moments, try out this blend.
  3. Massage Blend: A sensual massage with your partner is the perfect way to spark up the mood!


It is important to feel special. Essential oils can assist you in gaining confidence and lowering nervous feelings that come up during moments of intimacy. Finding your inner sensual self can be exciting but also an overwhelming process. Use the essential oils recommended above can help steady the process and increase your connection with emotional intimacy. Don’t be afraid to test and try, because every person is varies uniquely and everyone’s body chemistry is different. Additionally, different oils appeal to different women, so be open to experimentation!