Essential Oil Face Mask DIY

Welcome, Spring!!!! We are loving being outside, soaking up the sun and reintroducing our skin to the outside after months of hiding in layers of hoodies and coats.

But, with that transition, we also know it’s oh-so important to give our skin some extra TLC.

Ta-da! Enter this staple all-natural Radiant Face Mask.

Activated charcoal, green tea, and bentonite clay, together with essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint, make this face mask an anti-aging, soothing, re-mineralizing, detoxifying powerhouse. And the best part is, you can make it all at home! Tune in to see how we put this recipe together in 6 minutes.

Quick correction– for the written recipe, you can actually head over to our Spring Lookbook (pg. 8)! Clearly we’re already wishing for the holidays; forgive our excitement.

*note: store mixture in an airtight container, out of the heat. Make sure to use up all the goodness within 2 weeks–your mask will start to harden after that (because of all the raw, unaltered, earthy realness)

Products Mentioned:
Activated Charcoal Powder
Clear 8 oz container with black lid:
Spring Lookbook: