Emotional Health Tips for Kids

Emotional health is important, especially for kids as they learn and grow into being adults. We want them to be emotionally healthy and happy, so how can we help make them the emotional super heroes we all want them to be? That’s where the Emotional Super Powers book comes in; this book helps teach your kids how to cope with difficult emotions and strengthen their emotional super powers. But what is an emotional super power?

Well, “An emotional super power is the power to recognize your emotions and then choose how you will respond to those feelings” (Robinson & Castor, 2018, p. 1). Using the Emotional Super Powers Book, you can help teach your kids how to build on their current emotional super power and strengthen other emotional super powers which they need to work on. But what, exactly, is the Emotional Super Powers Book about?

Super Powers Book for Kids’ Emotional Health

The Emotional Super Powers Book helps your kids strengthen their emotional health by providing prompts for journaling, asking them to reflect on their emotions and much more. It even gives you recommendations for essential oils your child can diffuse or yoga poses they can hold when they have an emotional need, like self-care or letting things go.

At the beginning of this workbook, your child will pick their strongest emotional super power and learn how to strengthen it through exercises and writing prompts. Slowly, your child will work through the workbook and continually build up and strengthen other emotional super powers. Check out the video below to get a sneak peak at the book!

This book covers several different emotional super powers including love, self-care, confidence and more. You can even get the Emotional Super Powers Bookmark which helps supplement the book. Use it to mark your place or to quickly reference which oil blends to use when your child needs a confidence boost, help with self-control and other emotional health needs. There’s even an Emotional Super Powers Bundle that includes the book, bookmark, crayons, a coloring chart and more!

Emotional Super Powers Launch Event for Kids' Emotional Health.

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