DIY Tuesday: Travel Essentials

Do you tend to forget your toothpaste when you’re on a trip?  Do you need some quick DIY travel recipes to use when you’re in a pinch?  This video will show you some super simple recipes.

  • DIY Toothpaste
  • Sanitizing Hand Spray
  • DIY Mouthwash

We got LOTS of colors to choose from for the 1 oz. Spray Bottle needed for the DIY Hand Sanitizer.

The Clutch bags are a small, easy-to-pack way to carry your oils with you when you’re traveling.  It holds 10 oils with room down the middle for more if you want to really stuff it full.  (I think I’ve gotten 15 in mine before!)  They come in LOTS of gorgeous colors; you might have a hard time choosing!

The recipes come from the recipe section of the Essential Life book.  This book is a handy resource for all things essential oils!  Have you gotten yours yet?