DIY Tuesday: Travel EO Recipes

We’re talking about useful EO recipes for traveling today.

All the recipes are in the Essential Life book.

  • Alcohol-free Hand-Sanitizer
  • Car Air Freshener (a great project with the kids!)
  • Eye Glasses Cleaner

Have you tried our new beautiful glass water bottles?  They are super high-end, durable, and they come in lots of gorgeous colors!  These particular bottles will quickly become your favorite.  They’re like the perfect t-shirt – soft and effortless and once you start using it you won’t be able to live without it!

Products used:

  • The handy plastic squeeze bottle is super convenient to use.
  • The mini funnel makes getting all the ingredients into the bottle a breeze!
  • The glass spray bottle to make it convenient to use.  We have lots of gorgeous colors to choose from, so have fun with this!