DIY Tuesday: Personal Care for the Holidays – focus on the My Base products

Are you looking for an easy way to customize your personal care products without all the work of making them from scratch?

My Base Organic Body Wash is $17.95, and is a great way of using essential oils quickly and easily while you go about your daily routine.  Just add the oils to the bottle, and go!

My Base Probiotic Deodorant is $19.95 for the 2 oz jar.  This special mix of body-friendly ingredients with natural oils and butters is used to create a deodorant that moisturizes the skin, absorbs perspiration and eliminates odor. There are no fragrances added, allowing you to choose which essential oil you want to use.

My Base Essential Oil Extender is $8.95, and helps prevent the flash-off that is so prevalent with essential oils.  And, it’s super easy to use!

By them all together and save money with the Keep it Simple bundle for only $35!