DIY Tuesday: How to use the Seasonal Lookbook and DIY Download together

Have you ever wondered how the Lookbook and the Digital Download work together? Why would you want to get both?

Here’s why!

The Winter 2017 DIY Digital Download is great resource for gift-giving, DIY classes, and class prizes.  We recommend that you buy the Download first so you know what products to buy, and then getting enough Lookbooks for your class attendees.  In the Download, you’ll receive:

  • Shopping list for what you’ll need at Oil Life (bottles, jars, etc.)
  • Recipe cards for each person
  • Raffle tickets to use as incentives for your classes & events
  • Printable gift boxes
  • Recipe table tents
  • Printable stickers

The Winter 2017 Lookbook has lots of juicy goodness in it, too.  First, it has all the stickers in it already cut out and ready to go, so it’s a good idea to buy one Lookbook for each attendee at your DIY classes so that everyone can use the stickers.  The Lookbook also has great essential oil living suggestions throughout.  There’s even a cool spread on how to educate people on Emotions and Essential Oils.  Cool!

One Lookbook comes FREE with every order, but they’re super affordable to buy, too.  They’re only $1 each up to 10, and then it’s ONLY $.50 each on all orders greater than 10.